Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quit My Day Job

Wait! This is my day job!
I have really loved wearing these Lucky Brand jeans, that I purchased used for 7 dollars! (And thank you Jackie for my Luck Brand jeans from Savers for only 4.99! You saved my year long depression of having no decent jeans to wear!) The knees gave out on these jeans about a year ago. For some reason they just were not as fun to wear with holes in the knees....which I am usually perfectly okay with. But as I was emailing with a good friend Patt the other day she mentioned she wanted to do a childrens sewing class focusing on revamping their clothing or using the fabric for another piece. Her energy leaped through the line an I immediately had to give this a try.

I have lived in the West for seven years now. I thought it was about time for a jean skirt. This one turned out really cute. When I walked through the door, coming from my little sewing house, my husband jumped from his work and said, "I have been waiting for this for seven years!" Apparently, I do not wear skirts very often. This one has a great fit, a great line, and I love the unfinished hemline.

Maybe I will wear it to the airport tomorrow to pick up Rebecca! Oh my, is it really happening? I will have to post our itinerary for you all. I think we have 47 items on the agenda.

1) A pair of great fitting jeans.
2) Good friends with good ideas.
3) Two women pulling crafting all nighters!
4) Coffee and bagels (homemade of course)
--I have made spelt bagels three times this week and they are that good!
5) Rebecca coming all this way to share in an amazing adventure called hand full.
6) My husband giving me an entire weekend dedicated to Rebecca and our craft.

happy trails, sj

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