Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Girls get busy stitching...

...and pattern making, and dying, and brainstorming....Mothers day weekend was a fantastic mesh of crafting and and chit chat. Rebecca was here, in Victor, Idaho, for exactly 48 hours and we actually accomplished a few things on our to do list, which had 47 items on it to discuss. I believe the greatest accomplishment was gaining confidence in our line. All these unpaid hour have been worth it. We are selling a product that is truly "made with love" and intention. We are so excited to offer these clothes made of 100 percent organic materials and patterns designed in my little house. We will be showcasing our summer line on June 1st, and although there are still 37 things on our to do list we will accomplish more with each season and probably never get through them all, which keeps it exciting...


1) Husbands adding mama duties to their plates so the mamas can craft.
2) Airlines that accommodate missed flights with little disruption...whoops!

3) A business partner that is an amazing friend and the confidence this experience only grows us closer.
4) The longer days of summer.
5) A planted garden.

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