Friday, May 1, 2009

my heart

Sometimes good friends make your heart feel like this-- light and airy with wings made out of green leaves.

This is taken from an image on my "right hand ring". I love the ring-- and I love the image-- although this applique was just thrown together I still think it is sweet.

It is so hard not to live in the future but I am so excited to be going to Susan's next weekend-- the visit is long overdue!

1) Eugene is filled with tons of crafty people-- I am so happy they have been there to help pave the way for our dreams to come true.
2) My daughter's little tush-- this morning I made her a pair of "unders" as she calls them-- this was somewhat out of necessity because she wet the bed last night. Now she is running around the house with just hemp natural undies on-- too cute for words.
3) Sara Reddig- She is our current guest artist and her images are amazing.
4) the grateful dead-- I took a long sabbatical from listening to them but I'm back on, they make me smile.
5) Susan, susan, susan and every thing she is in this world. We are two very energized women and this manifests itself in completely different ways-- her way is incredible and a blessing. Although we met at the perfect time I can't believe I lived 32 years without her.

This is

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