Sunday, April 26, 2009

Look at all these coffee pots

I am not sure how I bumped into this Etsy artist; Browington Forest. I think I was doing my nightly routine of connecting shops through every body's hearts. Wait a minute. I remember how I found her! She hearted us; hand full!

(Oh my gosh....I feel like if people like this are hearting us we need to get our shop up to snuff....which reminds me...I guess I will let the cat out of the bag: SHE's coming! Rebecca is packing her fabric, her scissors (make sure you check those Reb!), and cute little self as I am hunting down a second machine! We shall craft and brainstorm for three days straight in my little house. It is really true and I am not sure how this all came to be; but somehow Rebecca is coming to Please-Stop-Snowing Idaho! I am sure there will be many blogs of our glorious weekend. Stay tuned.)

Back to Browington Forest. I would really like her to do a few appliques for us. Check out her shop: Browington Frost on Etsy. She is amazing. This little collection of oh-so-adorable-and-perfect coffee pots is just a nibble of her deliciously precious pieces.


1) Pots of coffee..really my favorite is the Latte...maybe a sketch of Espresso cups Browingtong?
2) Long afternoon naps.
3) Strawberry plants bearing their fruit..I know we have some time; but we cleaned out the Strawberry Patch today.
4) Healthy Asparagus plants emerging from the garden.
5) Airplanes that safely travel to Jackson and carry special cargo; such as Rebecca!

happy trails,


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