Monday, May 18, 2009

Potty Training

I am in the midst of potty training two toddlers and I am in constant awe to all of you who have been down this road before. Wally and Owen turned three a month ago today and I have always thought I would give potty training it's own due time. They have been into it off and on for almost a year now. Unfortunately, last week they had the flu and I changed one messy diaper after another. By Saturday, while I was at yoga, Owen had a terrible rash and evidently only wanted to wear underwear. As I was returning I saw him in the distance and thought he was wearing the cutest pants I had ever seen. I could not put my finger on it, and as he approached I realized they were my little chickie pants. The only difference being he was wearing underwear and they took on a new very cute shape. Upon hearing the news of the rash it all came to me in flurry. We are done. No more diapers. No more diaper rashes.

Today we peed through 9 pairs of pants and 11 pairs of underwear. (I remember a friend telling me to go out and buy 30 pairs of underwear for potty I guess we are doing pretty good!) The best part though is the need for more yoga pants--a grea
t pant for potty training. We carried our breakfast out to the little studio this morning and the boys picked out several colors of yoga pants and their own appliques. They ate and played with all my bobbin thread while I stitched three new pairs of pants (Owen got two pairs because he forgot to tell me to put a screwdriver on before I sewed up the leg seams.) And check out that new underwear! Now for sale on Etsy unders for girls and boys!

1) toilets
2) scrap fabrics that are hand-dyed and organic
3) fresh asparagus for dinner from our very own garden!
4) text messaging...I think...
5) play groups with like minded folks

happy trails! sj

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