Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Other Life

In addition to being a stitching mother of wild 2-and-3-quarter year old, I am also an elementary school counselor and the coordinator of an after school community education program called ACE.   I love this job because it allows me to spread love and compassion to so many people through a variety of channels.  When we get back from spring break I am starting to do gratitude journals with our whole school.  I had a group of parents come in and make them for our kids out of cute card stock and rings.  They are much like the journals Susan and I used to make (our first bed rest business idea).             

1) Sunshine
2) Having a craft mom.
3) Spring has sprung in Eugene.
4) The movie Annie and the song "you are never fully dressed without a smile"
5)  Friends-- near and far.
Happy trails!

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