Saturday, March 21, 2009


I love Saturdays because they start later than any other day of the week. On Saturdays I get to go to yoga at Yoga Tejas (Driggs, Idaho) which is the best yoga I have ever been involved with. They beautifully provide a peaceful, spacious, committed entry into each session that allows time for a connection to its message. I love that. I love it when people say, "lets slow down!" and then they show me how.

After yoga today I met my husband and sons at Pendls Bakery for lattes, muffins, and banana bread. That little gathering over baked goods would make any day just perfect. Today Smith, my husband, gave me great news while we sipped and chatted. He had seen a sign for a quilt, fabric and bead sale that I could stop at on the way home. And so I did. This is where I met my new friend "primitive horse".
Nancie Miller of Victor, Idaho makes these horses with her daughter Michelle, who owns The Magpie Bead Store in Driggs. They use reused materials found in second hand stores, or just things accumulated through their lifestyle of owning horses, beading, fusing glass, etc. I met Nancie as she greeted me from behind a table piled with beads. We talked a lot about crafting, craft fairs, and the whole community of talented people in the Teton Valley. Out of the corner of my eye I kept catching glimpses of Primitive Horse and almost left without her. Luckily, I stopped just short of the door, turned back to Nancie and said, "Wait! I have to have that horse!" She gladly gave him to me with the promise I would send a check in the mail.


1) the time to have long conversations with friends
2) family time
3) local food
4) yoga
5) purchasing local crafts

Happy trails, sj

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