Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Circle Scrappy Journal

Upon moving away from each other Rebecca sent me my first circle journal--Rebecca style. Meaning, that is was no simple affair. She had set her intent on a red and white, full-on scrapbook journal with a catch--somehow I was supposed to return the journal with a similar level of scrappiness that it arrived in. With a focus on children and a lot about life, our journal has traveled by car and by plane between Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Our journal is currently a bit dusty and with this entry I am intending to scrap it up and ship it back to Miss Crafty herself. (I must say I love receiving it. Rebecca always includes a little paper, buttons and trim to get me started again.)


1) Our circle scrappy journal
2) Able to be a stay-at-home mama
3) The color green

4) The grass emerging from the melting snow (did I say that last time?)

5) Time to just sit and sip tea with no particular need to focus

happy trails, sj

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