Monday, March 16, 2009

Raw Edges

The true beauty of working with knits is that you do not have to hem them. Yes, it does give the clothing a rather "scrappy" essence; and that is what we LOVE about them. They are perfectly imperfect. Much like our children...their raw edges forever shining.

We have chosen to work with an organic cotton and hemp blend of fabric. Why do some give nervous looks when see say "and hemp"? These fabrics are softer then many 100% non-organic cottons and I will easily say equally as soft as 100% organic cotton. There are several companies using the fabrics for clothing and a lot of yoga pants our there using hemp blends. We all know yoga pants are the softest! If they can create so soft bamboo fabrics, you have to trust what they can do with hemp. We love this fabric because 1) hemp is grown without use of any chemicals 2) it is sustainable 3) it is very durable and 4) to our surprise not many people are choosing to make childrens clothing out of it.

To find out more about hemp--the textbook version, go to the NA Industrial Hemp Council.

Happy trails, sj


1) Whitewater cookbook
2) Clean, fresh mountain air
3) The grass beginning to show beneath our piles of snow
4) A good nights sleep
5) Keeping healthy through the winter (Why is it still winter here?)

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