Monday, November 30, 2009

hand full Dance Party

Wally, Owen, and Isabel get together once a week for a play date. Today, despite the beautifully sunny fall day, all three wanted to stay inside and mold with play-doh, paint, draw and have a dance party.... Oh, they would want me to mention the bed that turned into a rocket ship that carried every single stuffed animal we own up to outer space and then back to their planet, Erff.

I felt so lucky when they spotted the hoodie longs, fresh with star stitches, hanging from the cupboards. It is not every day you have three babes in "hand full" dancing to their own beat.


1) Having most of my "to do" list accomplished for the upcoming Christmas Bazaar in Jackson, Wy.
2) Being a stay at home mom that gets to have dance parties at 10 a.m. Regularly.
3) Having the Warner family in our lives, sharing play dates, date nights and friendship.
4) Beautiful fall days.

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