Friday, October 30, 2009

coming into our new look

Rebecca and I have been hard at work preparing for upcoming holiday shows. We are slowly gaining an array of hoodies, dresses, tops and every color of yoga pant in every size....and this takes us away from blogging. At first I was relieved...but today I kind of missed it, so I decided to share these new photos. They have been sitting, hiding really, in piles of emails and today I finally dug them out. I think this shows the essence of a photoshoot in Ohio this fall.

Jennifer Lea Photography so kindly photographed some elements of our exciting fall line on real live adorably cute and patient toddlers. We are in love with these shots and they are finally up our our Etsy site showing a glimps of how amazing hand full clothes fit and feel on our lovely babes.


1) A pile of firewood covering our front porch...means we will be cozy all winter long.
2) Two little bundles, tucked in bed.
3) Beginning to feel settled in our town while friendships continue to grow, as the newness falls away.
4) The hope of a trip to Eugene for my birthday. (May the airline prices fall a bit!)
5) Family headed to town. Ma and Pa: the first time to the Tetons.

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  1. What a lovely collection! And yes, two little bundles tucked in bed- what more can one need!