Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Love Custom, I Love Trades

Click photo to go to her knit pants.

The Sitting Tree Etsy shop is a gem. Liz, the shop owner, knits the most beautiful knit rompers I have ever seen. It took me about one second to click "contact" and hope for a trade. (Our two icon pieces are both equal amounts of money so it seemed like a hopeful barter.) Liz was up for it and this is what we settled on: I (or I guess Wally) gets the gorgeous wool rompers and Liz's boys received a custom train hoodie, although "wooden train"--because we don't do fuel. Here's another of her boys sporting the hoodie and a pair of her knit pants:

Thank you Liz for the experience. You are wonderful and I love your shop. ht, sj


  1. Thanks for putting my pictures up. You guys rock! Your pants are going to the post office in the morning!!!

  2. i love that you bartered and that you recognized her talent. any insight or feedback on my designs would be nice. Faith