Saturday, August 15, 2009

Etsy Favorites

Each night before bed I stop by the computer and check on my Etsy progress. Usually a quick peak at the number of visits and see if there are any new traffic sources and then a quick look into the hearts. I love connecting shops through hearts. Some nights I quickly log off to get some sleep and other nights are like tonight. One new favorite shop after another. Here are tonight's favs: (click photo to enjoy the Etsy shop.)

Adorable blowfish by ergoriginal's--and on sale too!

Chickyloo and too cute!

Pamela Tang--Wasn't she in Mothering not long ago?

Oritdotandolls from Isreal


1) Vacation time with my family and the Salmon River!
2) Mary Janes Farm Bake Overs! Awesome quick dinners in a cute pan too.
3) Those of you supporting us on this adventure of the handmade life. Thanks for all the sales recently! And return customers too!
4) A good nights sleep.
5) Two healthy happy boys that love to play, play, play and finally sleep.

ht, sj

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