Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Where are those dog days? I feel like I am running around non-stop trying to accomplish everything and I still have weeds, weeds, weeds in the garden! Oh well, at least it is producing something... And I have been able to get some sewing time in the last couple of day and it has felt great to be back!

Here's a few photos. Whoops! A little twist--many adult sizes are coming out of the shop these days. Some of which people have purchased! Where will this lead?

Although, after a very exciting, re-energizing, confirming chat with Reb today we are back on track with our childrens line and gearing up for a great look in the fall line-up. Which also means there will be a great hand full sale coming up to close out the summer season! Keep checking in.


1) Family time.
2) Soaking up all the daylight of summer.
3) A productive garden.
4) Healthy living.
5) Love.
6) Friendships near and far.
7) A turned off alarm clock.

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