Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meet Your Maker--Eugene, OR

Here we are at MYM! It was really fun...despite the heat and extreme slow pace of the evening. I was really impressed with the idea and intent behind the MYM event held every first Friday. If there were not several other local events being held, like a huge fireworks display and art fair, maybe we would have had a few more visitors. Oh was a nice evening.


1) That the world is full of "go-getters" to inspire me to keep my head up.
2) A garden full of produce
3) Long drives where you have time to think
4) Rebecca, Jeremy, and Jori sharing their house, food and patience with us.
5) Crafting with a conscience

1 comment:

  1. Love your clothes for kids. I would love to do some photography work for your blog/website and etsy acct. I am based in Ohio, but have done designers all over for their portfolio....would love to chat with you, Jennifer Simon