Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Locally Made. Locally Sold.

Hand full's going public...or locally public. With a nervous stomach a latte in hand (not always the best combo) I carried this tote of clothes to Dark Horse Books on the main drag of Driggs, Idaho. Dark Horse is a locally owned bookstore with a comfy "meeting place" vibe. Many local artist sell their goods amongst the numerous beautifully displayed books.

Hand full's rack now rests in the corner of the kids section (which is as roomy as my living room). The rack fills the corner and so perfectly has one spotlight glowing back its presence to the onlookers. We are so excited to become a part of Dark Horse with all our glory. This is a good fit for hand full.


1) My number one fan--my husband. Every time I bring in a new item, or pull a new color from the wash I hear, "Oh My Susan! That is my favorite! Look at that!" And he is really sincere.
2) Long distance coaching from my sewing partner, Reb.
3) Sunny days and chirping birds.
4) Give Aways to support cool blog sites like The Toby Show. The Nest Cam is the best!
5) A weeded garden.

ht, sj

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