Friday, April 3, 2009

slow down and look around

For those who know me one of my greatest strengths and grandest stretches is the speed at which I fly through my life. This can be really exciting and sometime exhausting. When I do take the time though to slow myself down I can find inspiration almost everywhere I look Our recent road trip from Eugene, OR to LA and back was a time to slow down here is a bit of what I saw. I can imagine that many of the images and colors will be seen soon in our clothes----

Today I am grateful for so much:
1) For the last two hours I have looked out my craft studio window and watched the same gentle deer snack on the fresh green grass. It seems particularly sweet to me because my dear companion Kelev was laid to rest there last fall. Kelev was very deer-like and I find it comforting that a beautiful animal is grooming her spot. The life cycle amazes me.

2) Susan-- can you imagine having a friend that you can laugh, cry, cook, craft, give birth, run a business with AND be hypnotized by? I definitely hit the mother load when I met Susan and the best part is our friendship only improves with time. I am blessed.

3) Kombucha-- I love it. It's so sour and crazy and yummy and yuchy all at the same time.

4) A child as wacky as her mom. Today Banjo was yelling at the top of her lungs "I want Sea Weed and Soy Milk" (she really only drinks almond milk but doesn't know it". I like a kid that knows what she wants-- especially if it is Nori!

5) My husband-- last night he fell asleep sitting up in my craft room. I wanted him nearby as I created and he wasn't very excited at first but agreed. I'm lucky.

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