Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Travel Day

scrappy satchels

All my sewing takes place in our "little house," a detached small scale version of our "big house" --which is really only 1000 sq ft. So tonight, as we are busily packing for our trip East, my husband had a grand idea of wrapping some fun gifts for the boys to open on the plane. I was easily convinced and ran out to the "little house" to get some wrapping. As I stood there picking out nice papers I realized that I did not want to deal with all that wasteful paper on the plane. I also noticed my huge tote of fabric scraps just waiting for the right applique. These thoughts easily came together and I ran back to the "big house" to announce to my husband that I would need about an hour to wrap these gift. So here I am after midnight posting my most recent goods.


1) My "little house" where I can explode all my sewing projects with no need to baby proof.
2) My understanding husband allowing me the space and time to put all of my energy into my passion.
3) Vacations that take you to places that have no snow on the ground
4) All the onlookers that keep saying, "These clothes are so great! You should sell them"
5) Having a business partner that is willing to take this one step at a time and give me confidence in our impending grandness. And the daily quote: "Okay. Where are we now?"
6) The flash...when there just is not any natural light to be found.

ht, sj

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