Sunday, April 5, 2009

play clothes or Play clothes

I love when spring arrives-- I love the amazing flowers, the warm sunshine, eating fresh fruit and to be honest, I can't resist a cute new spring outfit. After months of layers of brown and black--sweaters, dresses, pants, knee socks, and legwarmers-- I love a day where I can wear layers of black and brown capris, dresses, tank-tops-- (just kidding--sort of). For those who know me-- I pretty much wear the same thing every day-- lots of layers of soft clothes-- primarily made by Sweet Skins, one of my favorite local clothing makers.
I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree (or trees in this case) because today Jo and I went to hang out with our friends Kristen and Chiara. It was no surprise that everyone was wearing something new-- Kristen a brown Sweet Skin hoodie (I was wearing a different SS top and skirt) and Chiara was wearing her new hand full outfit (busy pants, bird-n-branch dress, and busy jacket)-- a birthday present from us. Jo could not wait to wear her new outfit too-- Aunt Susan just sent her new stretchy pants, a pocket dress, and a light weight jacket with a note that said "Happy Spring." I thought it was the perfect for Jo's first time to the theater-- we went to see Annie. Of course-- the trip to the playground meant that Jo ended up seeing the play in torn jeans and a tacky t-shirt. I guess we had different a idea about play clothes today. Oh well.

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