Friday, March 6, 2009

when the boys are away...the girls will play!

Our first business idea before we decided to get into the "simple" task of making children's clothes was gratitude journals. Even though the business of making them got dropped the idea is still one that plays a huge part in our lives together and separately.

Today I am grateful for:
1) Susan's ability to get our blog up and rolling for the second time-- she can be so techy.
2) BanJo cooperated and went to bed so we could actually talk without interruptions for over an hour! That is unheard of.
3) My sewing machine is back from the Doc and is running smoother than ever-- I also have 10 new bobbins-- which makes me so happy.
4) Our husbands going away on the same night so we could have a much needed date-business meeting-synergetic conversation. Sometimes the living 786.29 miles apart and being business partners can be a challenging at times. Wasn't it easier when we lived across a field from each other?
5) Care packages-- a bunch of colors, a new tipi and another surprise actually made their way to Victor today-- I am excited for Susan to get the box-- since I packed it in November it is pretty cool that in March you are going to receive it. (I vow to be better about using the postal service!)

Tonight I am going to work on a couple of outfits for 2 little girls whose birthdays are next week (2 and 4). I am psyched to see them open their gifts. JoJo tried on the dress the I made for Chiara and said, "Is that purple dress my dress?" I guess that means she liked it.

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