Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm not biased....

but I am soooooo excited about my new bias tape maker. I am in Corvallis right now and I can't wait to get back to my threadbanger and start sewing.

A little hisory:

Susan and I came to sewing in very different ways. Susan started young and is an amazing "technical" seamstress. She understands buttons and zippers-- makes patterns. She made her and her best friend's prom dresses and even made her sister's wedding gown. My beginnings in sewing started after 18 years of being told by my mother "our family doesn't know how to sew." The closest thing we had to a sewing machine was a tiny sewing kit that my mom got at a hotel once. I started sewing when I was graduating from college and wanted to fund going to concerts in the summer time. From there I started taking classes-- and have figured most things out on my own or with the help of friends.

When Susan and I sew together it is always entertaining-- she says-- things to me like "you do what?" and "if you put the pins in this way you don't run them over with the machine"-- We once took a quiz in a book and Susan came out as the crafty perfectionist and I am something a little different like a crazy creative crafter. Thank goodness for skype-- that way Susan and I can still sew together and we can learn from each other. It is amazing for us to be working on similar pieces because we come at them in such different ways. It takes all kinds and I am grateful we found each other.

Gratitudes for today:
1) Gutterman thread
2) Amazing seamstresses leading the way
3) Etsy and everything hand made
4) Coffee-- mmmm especially when it is made by a good friend.
5) Mary Jane's Farm

Happy Trails-- reb

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