Friday, March 5, 2010

spring collection

Spring is in the air-- gardens, umbrellas, and whales-- adorable skirts, short sleeved shirts and clamdiggers. We could not be happier that the days are a little lighter and our colors are a little brighter.

1) friendship-- I am delighted each day by my friends and love that I get to teach my little girl about how to be a good friend.
2) colors--- bright- bold-beautiful!
3) daffodils- they are cropping up everywhere! They are like little patches of joy!
4) my washing machine-- i hope it lasts through this next round of dying
5) you all -- for reading our blog.


  1. Hi there. Oh what a nice giveaway! Thank you. Well I'd have to say I have SO many things to be grateful for but if I have to choose just one I'll say the little teeny baby in my belly!

  2. Loving the SPring stuff, girls! Jemima has the doggy hoodie dress in orange and a pink sundress that we were with your brown pants and along sleeved onsie even in the winter! Sundress and pants were seconds from Dark Horse. We love them all. Handful is a weekly part of our wardrobe! I need to post some pictures. I just love your stuff on her.