Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Handmade Toy Give Aways

A peek at Orit Dotan Doll's Shop.

A peek at Princess Nimble Thimble's Shop.

Once a month the Woolies Blog gives a chance to win a handmade natural toy just by visiting an Etsy shop and adding your input. This month the shop give aways are: Orit Dotin Dolls and Princess Nimble Thimble. Look at these beautiful items just given away after a quick peak into their shops. Enjoy the visits.


1) A completely planted garden and lots of rain to keep it happy.
2) Restful nights sleep
3) Campfires in our own backyard
4) A summer schedule allowing more time to craft!
5) Two little guys in my life brightening my adventure.

happy trails, sj

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