Tuesday, May 26, 2009

birthday girl

Banjo loved her camping fairy birthday party. She danced around the forest making fairy boats, "instructing" her babies and eating tons of sweets. The best part was her gratitude-- she repeated over and over "this is the best birthday ever" "oh-my-god-- I love this" "this is the greatest baby ever." The most difficult part of the weekend was trying to convince her that she could not wear her fairy dress and new sunglasses to sleep in her sleeping bag.

To copy Aunt Susan I will list my gratitudes about the b-day girl:
1) Even at 3 jojo understands gratitude.
2) Her appreciation of sticks, rivers, rocks and even digging a hole and pooping in the woods.
3) Her absolute love of babies-- there is nothing more sweet than watching her nurture her little friends-- it is also pretty funny when she calls out (after she was supposed to be asleep), "Mom-- I don't know what to do-- baby phyllis is not following directions."
4) Her enthusiams for life.
5) Her strong will....
6) all of the hugs and kisses I got this weekend-- they were just delicious!

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