Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So much goodness!

This is Wally and Owen. They are currently trying to recover from three days of celebrating their three years of life. Is that really true? Does time go this fast? I guess they are proof that it certainly does. I believe we need to intentionally slow things down. Do more yoga, sit with a cup of tea more often, eat family meals at breakfast and dinner, and reflect on all the goodness we have in our lives as often as possible.

Wally and Owen are sporting adorable knit hats made by ThreeAM. These little turtles are by Mrowe, also an Etsy seller, and possibly the cutest thing you have ever held besides your newborn baby.


1) Etsy.
2) My babies (can I still call them that?) in their moodiness and all.
3) Finding people, in this small rural town, that I like.
4) The sunshine! Today was 70 degrees!
5) The green grass showing itself everywhere! (only a small patch of snow to go!) Last night I walked out to my little sewing house for the first time since October with no snow in my way!

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