Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aunt Rebecca Saves the Day

There is nothing like opening a gift. Even better a gift that is handmade. I think extra love pours over the edges of the box and fills the air. You become intoxicated with love and peace, knowing that somebody put their time, energy, and intention into a gift that is actually a little piece of themselves. Knowingly, they box it up and ship it out to share with their friends.

We got extra lucky today. We live in the Tetons where apparently spring does not come until May. We are covered in snow and today's weather did not let us venture out until about 3 p.m. We made it to the post office just before closing and the woman behind the counter gave me a hard time for bring my kids out in weather like this. I said nothing and gave her the glance of a stay-at-home mom--the desperate, "you do not even know" glance and she responded with a huge smile and a package! (I love nice people.) Wally and Owen were beside themselves and happily returned to the car as we hurried home to find our precious gift. The rest of the afternoon was filled with learning the ins and outs of our new tipi, handmade by Rebecca.

Gratitude: 1) handmade gifts
2) friends that make handmade gifts
3) my precious children
4) a roof over my head
5) honest people

happy trails, s

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  1. It looks wrinkly susan-- possibly from sitting in a box, stuffed with lots of love for 4 months. ILY